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Trecanair Limited is an aviation orientated company based in South East Cornwall. It started in 2016, offering contract aircraft piloting, flying instruction and also aircraft training and engineering services. During the pandemic I became an employee for a VIP charter jet operator and scaled this business down. However, I still have a Thruster TST aircraft available for tailwheel and revalidation training and operate from nearby airfields in Cornwall. I also operate an Aeronca C3, am rebuilding an Aeronca C2 and run a YouTube channel which encompasses my interest in pre-war aviation and transport. See the YouTube symbol under 'Social Links' at the bottom of this page or view the video page. Please like, comment and subscribe!


Our services include the following, please send an email via the contact page if you require more information.


Note Trecanair does not train ab-initio pilots; participants must hold a suitable licence to receive differences or revalidation training.


However, I am available for ab-initio training in your aircraft or a club aircraft at the Cornwall Flying Club, Bodmin (see links).


Tailwheel Training, using our Thruster TST or your aircraft if suitable.

All Differences Training on SEP aircraft and microlights:



VP Propeller

Retractable UC



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