Our Aircraft

Aeronca C3 G-AEFT

Built in Cincinatti, FT first flew at Hanworth on the 27th April 1936. She has been owned by us for more than 20 years and is operated on an LAA Permit To Fly. This aircraft is only available for film and demonstration flying, not flight training.

Thruster TST G-MTUC

Designed in Australia and factory built in Cornwall in 1988, the Thruster TST (Two Seat Trainer) is our primary training aircraft. It is virtually identical to the aircraft featured in the book 'Propellerhead' by Antony Woodward. It's a very basic 'stick and rudder' aircraft and ideally suited to the training courses we offer.

Aeronca C2 G-ABHE

Originally built in Cincinatti in 1930, G-ABHE is currently being reconstructed in our workshop as an SSDR (Single Seat Deregulated) ultralight.

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