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Our Services

Our services include the following, please send an email via the contact page if you require more information. Note Trecanair does not train ab-initio pilots; participants must hold a suitable licence to receive differences or revalidation training. However, I am available for ab-initio training in your aircraft or a club aircraft at the Cornwall Flying Club, Bodmin (see links).


Current on BD700 (Global 5000 & 6000) and single engine piston aircraft and microlights. Available for contract flying and instruction as required.


We specialise in SSDR (Single Seat Deregulated) ultralight engineering and also support the pre-war Aeronca C2, C3 and 100 aircraft. We have an extensive collection of original Aeronca drawings and can manufacture pattern parts as necessary, including gas welded structures. We can also make control and bracing wires using Nicopress fittings. We hold a stock of original and replacement Aeronca JAP engine parts. Technical material is usually provided free of charge in PDF format.

Please contact us if we can assist with your project.


Tailwheel Training, using our Thruster TST or your aircraft if suitable.

All Differences Training on SEP aircraft and microlights:



VP Propeller

Retractable UC



Low Energy/Inertia Training using the Thruster TST or your aircraft if suitable. This is for pilots not needing any licence endorsement but requiring experience of flying ultralight (sub 450 kg) aircraft. This is particulalry relevant for those wishing to fly SSDR microlights.

Licence Revalidation (flights and licence / logbook signature for National licences as necessary). Licence signing is normally free of charge.



Thruster TST:

  • Differences training

  • Revalidation Flights

Instructing in your Aircraft:

£100 per block hour

£100 per block hour

£50 per block hour

Licence revalidation paperwork is normally free of charge. 

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